How to Invest in Stocks: The Best Guide


Everyone’s goal is to be rich in as much quick and painless as possible way. If we take a look at the Forbes list of the richest person in the world, we can easily spot the pattern about the most profitable profession. In other words, if we take the top 30 of that list we can see that, mostly, their main occupation is investing.

Surely, we can tell that investor job is one of the most profitable jobs nowadays, it can really generate a huge amount of profit and also fits in that famous “entrepreneurish” phrase “when you let your money work for you, you will be rich”. But as great as it sounds, the thing about investing is not that easy nor smooth.

To be a good investor you need to have a solid level of experience about market movements and ,especially, about the stock market, which is quite hard to gather, also you need some capital to start with and to invest it in a business field with a potentially high amount of risk. Here is the guide on how to start with investing.

How to invest?

First of all, you need to set a goal. By goal it means your basic strategy, what kind of investing you will make, and why have you started investing in the first place. Of course, before all this, it is recommended that you read something about stocks, investing, and finances.

After you decide in which way you will invest, you need to learn to put some money on the side. Think of it as a “smart” gambling, make your limit, and don’t just put all of your savings in investing. If you can’t decide how much to put aside, the recommended amount is at least three months’ living expenses.

Make a retirement account. Even if it sounds completely unnecessary, especially at the begging, this is a way to save your profit. As long as you are prolonging the opening of this account you will never have full control of your profit, so, do it immediately.

Use online platforms and advisors. Don’t just do it by heart, or because you saw it on some social media post, invest smart, by which it means that you will always listen to the second opinion.

Start with mutual funds. It is far better to have a headstart such as this, than to roam free on the stock market. Find a trustworthy fund, and start invest in it, you will have diversification as well as numerous stocks.

Never stop learning. In the beginning, the learning part is mandatory. But you need constantly to learn since the stock market is pretty much turbulent and it is changing all the time.

Invest gradually, and don’t forget to diversify. Don’t start with big amounts, or “zig-zag” like constantly changing from small to big invests, make it gradual, and don’t overload in a single stock. Also, don’t forget to diversify your portfolio, since you won’t depend on a small number of stocks, also all successful investors have a quite rich investing portfolio.


In summary, taking everything into account we can conclude that the “easiest” way of making big money is through investing. There is that popular comparison which shows that Warren Buffet, who is a major investor of “Coca-cola”, is making almost 60 times more money, annually, throughout “Coca-cola” stocks, than James Quincy, who is its CEO. Looking this through that perspective you can easily see why is investing business so attractive. But with that amount of attraction comes the same amount of risk. If you start investing rashly and purely intuitionally you will only lose your starting capital, so the experience is a winning card in this job. This guide can help you to start, and progress in investing, while doing it in a proper way.

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